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About Leonard Stokes

If you were to ask the question:
“What do a peer of the realm, a F1 boss, a Surrey MP, Father Nesbitt, Ms Smith - telephonist, and
P D James all have in common?” the answer is Leonard Stokes.

Leonard Aloysius Scott Stokes (1858-1925) has been known by many young architectural students over the years as the ‘Architect in a dressing gown’. He was a very prolific architect. Being a staunch Roman Catholic, whose father was the first RC HM Inspector of Schools - with family connections in high RC circles and marrying the daughter of the General Manager of the National Telephone Co., he built many churches, convents, schools, houses and telephone exchanges!

Leonard Stokes, as retiring President of the RIBA in 1912 was the subject of the customary portrait, but this ex-President was painted by Sir William Orpen in a fawn Jaeger dressing gown rather than the usual frock-coat and medals. During his presidency he chaired the first Town Planning Conference and had a lifetime interest in architectural education.


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